The South Ural innovative-technological centre

In December, 2008 with assistance of Union of Russian Engineering Technological Centers, Chelyabinsk region Government and support of The Russian Fund of assistance to development of small enterprises in scientific and technical sphere was created The South Ural Innovative-technological Сentre.

The main purpose of The South Ural Innovative-technological Centre is a consolidation and development of the regional experience and innovative activity potential in the sphere of energy and resource savings according to the cluster approach conception .

The main task of our company is a promotion of the new technologies in the economical sector of our region and Russia in order to improve the efficiency of using resources in the municipal, social sphere, and also in industry. We use technologies mainly based on regional scientific and technical achievements.

To accomplish it purposes and tasks the South Ural innovative-technological centre actively promotes the cluster approach for development of innovation activity in Chelyabinsk region, and also guarantees the consulting and informational support for the small and medium enterprises in the sphere of international technology transfers which are carried out according to the Gate to Russian Business Innovation Networks project.

The South Ural innovative-technological centre is ready for the cooperation and invites all enterprises which can use its capacities in developing our region’s innovation potential.